Is Literacy What's in Your Heart?

You can Make a Difference...Just Choose How!

Houston Children Give Back Supports Literacy A Project of Houston Children Give Back

Why Literacy?

Did you know that literacy is defined as the ability to read, write and understand what you have read or heard. What if your grownup could not understand what the doctor said about how to take care of you when you were sick? Or what if you could not read your homework? Would you be able to learn? And if you could not learn or understand lots of words, would you be able to do a good job when you grow up?

Not being able to read stops people from getting jobs and that means that they will not have the money to pay for food or a place to live. You know what else they won't be able to pay for? Books for their kids. So then it will be hard for their kids to be able to learn to read.

By helping get kids books or teach people how to read, we are actually helping them improve their lives, and the lives of their kids. And by the way, by helping kids read cool books, we are also showing them the world and introducing them to all sorts of ideas!

Scroll Down for Step by Step Directions on How To Help.

Pick the Cause That is Right For You...

Image result for caring clipartThe first and most important part of choosing to give (time, money, or your talent) is to figure out what you care most about.

Once you have identified what's in your heart, you can pick who to help!

Make sure you are picking a non-profit that does a lot of good. Our search engine, powered by Guidestar, will tell you a lot about the different groups you can choose from. Make sure your grownup is helping you understand just where your money is going. You can click here to pick a nonprofit. On the top left you will type in what's in your heart where it says keyword. If you want to sponsor a local group, type Houston in the city area. Then hit search. It might take a minute they have a lot of information to search through.

When the lists come up, you can click the research button. This will tell you A LOT about the organization. From how they help to how they spend their money. You want to pick an organization that spends most of its money on its programming. This means that they put most of its money that you donate towards the actual helping part.

Now you get to make another choice...

You can donate to your chosen organization with your time (by volunteering), your talent (maybe through a fundraiser or a special skill), or with your treasure (your money). Or more than one! If you decide to donate your funds (another word for money) and your grownup is there and says it is OK, then go ahead! Orrrrr... You could start your own fundraising campaign! We will help you!. Come back to this page and click the "Start Your Fundraiser" Button. (Make sure you click it on the page with your passion (what's in your heart). You will be able to start a campaign you can share with your friends and family. They will be able to look at this page and help you reach your fundraising goal. Anyone who comes to our website will be able to see your campaign and contribute to it so your donation, and what the organization can do, will be much bigger than if you did it yourself! People will donate through the computer so that it is easier for you to see.

Image result for computer clipart for kidsStart your fundraiser...

Once you click on the start your fundraiser button, a form will come up. Don't worry, we don't share this information with anyone, but people will see your name and the good that you are doing on our website. That way they will want to help you reach your goal. Have your grownup help you fill this out.

Then comes the fun part. You get to name your fundraiser! You also can put in a photo or video. Most importantly, you get to tell people why you care and why they think they should help you help the organization. Make sure you put the name of the organization that you are trying to help! You will then click the save and review button and you will get to see how your page looks. You can make changes if you want to by clicking the edit button at the top. If you like it, you can click the submit for review button. We will take a look and make sure everything is set. We will also ask you to write a thank you note that can be sent to your donors. We will have your grownup email your letter to us and put it in the computer so that when someone donates to your cause, they get a thank you from you!

Image result for donate kids clipartCelebrate!

When you have reached your fundraising goal, we will send a check (in the amount of the money you raised) to your organization! If it is ok with you and your grownup, we might also talk about how awesome you are on our website and in our newsletter! Yay!