Together, We Will Build Caring Hearts

Fun, Family and Philanthropy....Let's Do It!

Support Houston Children Give Back A Project of Houston Children Give Back

Support Houston Children Give Back so that We Can Support Your Kids!

100% of the funds and efforts of our youth events go towards their cause. We want to maximize the impact that they see. Because of that, we need your help to pay for our programming costs! Join our team so that together, we can build caring hearts.

There are so many ways to help!

Share your talent: Volunteer at an event. Do you have any special skills you would like to share?

Share your treasure: Donate to Houston Children Give Back. Every penny helps us build and celebrate a young caring heart. Tell your friends about us and invite them to join in on our efforts.

Share your time: Come work at an event and guide your and other kids or just come and participate!

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  • Lisa P.
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    This is in honor of Anika Jackson's birthday!!! XO
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    Happy Birthday Sofia!
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    Muy Feliz Cumple Sofía! De Belén
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    Feliz cumpleaños Sofia! Tu amigo Alex
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    Happy Birthday Anika!
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    Thanks for all you do!